I know what happened to the chicken.

I was in Kentucky last week. Kentucky; the state of the great Kentucky Derby, Corvettes, Jim Beam and the famous chicken. In a three day period, I got to drive from Franklin, KY (on Tennessee and Kentucky border) to Louisville, KY and from Louisville to Cincinnati, OH. That’s about 235 miles in Kentucky. Add the trips within Louisville and few trips to and from Indiana and that makes it around 300 miles in Kentucky in three days.

In those 300 miles, I can honestly say that I found the worst drivers I’ve seen so far. Now keep in mind that I live in Houston which is known for its traffic and bad drivers. I recently found a page on Facebook named “I hate Houston drivers”. I am pretty comfortable driving in Houston but Kentucky scared me! I’ve driven in 20 states but no other state scared me as much as Kentucky. It all started as soon as I entered Kentucky from Tennessee. It was raining heavily and driving was scary already. I had to be in Louisville and it was a long way. Within 3 miles of the border, I knew it was gonna be a difficult drive. The drivers would drive 10mph below the speed limit on the fast lane and wouldn’t let me pass. Flash your lights, flash them again, and again…No, they wouldn’t move. It was only the beginning of many such incidents. I had to pass from the right all through Kentucky. Maybe it is a Kentucky thing that nobody warned me about. It is weird that this stopped as soon as I entered Indiana the next day, started again in Kentucky and stopped as soon as I entered Ohio. Definitely a Kentucky thing.

Anyway, I got mad, honked few times, passed from the right a few times and finally got to Louisville where I met my good old friend, Maya. The next day, Maya was too scared to let me drive around Louisville and offered to drive. Fine by me. I admit that I have a mild case of back seat driving. I get scared when other people are driving. This fear kicked in big time with Maya driving and the way people drive in Louisville. A car passed us from the right as we were about to take an exit to the right, another car was headed right at us when we were driving on a straight road, people ran over stop signs countless times…the horror stories don’t end. We went to Deam Lake in Indiana in the afternoon and the traffic was fine, people drove friendly and nothing scary happened. We had fun at the beach, took a lot of pictures and I decided to take a nap on the way home. The seat was reclined and my feet were on the dashboard and I was slowly drifting away when I suddenly found my feet on the windshield and my head almost on the floor. That’s how I knew we had left Indiana and entered Kentucky! Now I know why the Colonel started selling fried chicken; the chicken should never have tried to cross the road in Kentucky.


Ohio river separates Kentucky from Indiana.


That’s the capital of Mississippi.

Jackson, Mississippi. The capital of Mississippi felt like a small town to me. Before I left home, Jonathan, my friend and landlord asked me where I was going. Me:” Louisiana, Mississippi, and where ever I decide to.” That has been my attitude for quite a while now; I can go where ever I decide to. Anyway, he asked where in Mississippi. Me:” Some place called Jackson, I hear its a small town”. Jonathan:”Umm..that happens to be the capital of Mississippi”.

I tried to sleep on the way but we ended up taking pictures of me pretending to sleep and a “making of the sleeping picture video”. Every time I pose for a sleeping picture, they’d go “okay ready?” and I’d burst out laughing. Shashi was driving and Paras was soon snoring in the back seat. We talked about personal lives, gun control and recent shootings. We were very tired by the time we got to Jackson. Oh and we went to a lake on the way.

There wasn’t much to do in Jackson at night. We ate at a Mexican restaurant called El Charro, climbed on my trunk, Paras kicked away my sandals, I punched him and called him “shortie”, he called me fat, I hurt my toe jumping from the trunk…just the usual things we do when we are together. I didn’t really like El Charro’s food. We were invited to party by people my friends work with but all the walking in New Orleans started working its magic on my legs so we decided not to go. BUZZ KILLER!

Next morning, I woke up early and finally finished my paper on marriage equality. Who knew I’d start the paper at home and finish it at Sleep Inn in Jackson, MS? I checked the assignments for my online class, nothing due till Wednesday. The course syllabus says “Vacation in the middle of summer is not an excuse for not finishing your assignments” and as soon as I read that at the beginning of the summer class, I knew it was probably written for people like me. I dropped my friends at their apartment and we parted ways. I see Paras frequently but Idaho (you da ho!) where Shashi lives is a little far from Texas.

I saw signs for a reservoir as I got into the highway. Well, its just water but I’ll check it out anyway. What good was the trip to Jackson if all I saw was local Starbucks and Mexican restaurant? The reservoir was about 5 miles out of the way and I got to see Mississippi houses. As I left the reservoir and got into I-20, Jack FM started playing “Sweet Home Alabama”. That’s where D1 is for today: Alabama. I shoot a text to a friend in Cleveland, Ohio and think that it’s gonna be great as long as I keep moving and its forward. Both in this trip and life. What use is moving backward?

The reservoir.Image

ImageThe lake on the way to Jackson, MS.

The “sleeping picture” which we finally managed to take without me laughing or smiling.