Funny things my friends say.

I have some very awesome and funny friends, and they sometimes say the weirdest and funniest things. Here are some recent ones.

1. Me: My ear itches.

D: I think you got pancreatitis in your ear.

2.  Let’s go out smelling like baby prostitutes.

3.  Don’t think about him, he is sh*t. Sh*t even by third world standards.

4.  Herbert the pervert.

5.  I love you, my hormonal woman.

6.  If I buy a Foley catheter, would you put it in for me?

7. J: He has diabetes and tingling in his feet. What helps?

    Me: Scare the crap out of him by talking about amputation. That helps.

8. Email the instructor and tell her “No cookie for you”.

9. I don’t like other people either. That’s what makes us friends.

10. Did you do good in the exam? (This is my favorite one.)




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