Anything to avoid writing a paper.

I have to write a paper. I have to write a research paper before Monday. Today is Friday and it is 8 P.M. I’m thinking. I’m thinking of the trip that starts tomorrow. I’m thinking of the hotel reservation lady who was extremely nice. I’m thinking of some music festival in New Orleans that she suggested about. New Orleans, that’s my first destination. D1. An old acquaintance used to call the first destination D1. Jump into a car and excitedly, “So, where’s our D1?”. D1 isn’t Gallup, NM this time. It is New Orleans. I’m thinking of cop cars which say NOPD. I read that as NO PD. No PD.

I had an entire day in hand today. I have already taken a nap, cleaned my kitchen and million other things that don’t need to be done. Someone posted a picture of Chick-fil-a sandwich on Facebook and I craved one. My paper is on marriage equality. I have been writing on the favor of the topic. I decided to drive to Chipotle instead. Yummy customizable Mexican food. Okay, that’s what’s for dinner. I was also thinking of going to Starbucks and getting some Chai Latte. But again, I need to sleep well tonight to be relaxed enough for the 6 hour drive tomorrow. On the drive home, some romantic Hindi song about lost love plays on my iPhone. My old phone. The sun sets as I drive home and I get a brilliant idea. I’m gonna start a blog!

I have always wanted to write. All I have managed to write till now is a book call “Adventures 1” when I was in 6th grade and few thousand texts. “Adventures 1” was highly inspired by Famous Five and Hardy Boys. I had spent hours at The British Council Library writing “Adventures 1”. I eventually lost it. When the Harry Potter series hit the market, I used to dream of being J.K. Rowling. Oh well…even Harry Potter got rejected 12 times before being published.

So, I sit here today, writing my very first blog post with my half eaten plate of Chipotle and my paper on marriage equality still incomplete. Tomorrow is a new day; a better day and a traveling day.


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